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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Health Precautions on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is the yearly event, and people enjoy their holiday by eating unhealthy food in large amount which results in their weight gain. Some important things to be considered while spending your holiday
  • Be active all the time, especially after eating your favorite food. Do not laid down or sit for a long time after taking meal
  • Do not skip Your morning meal in charm of your favorite holiday lunch, because small meal in morning will control your appetite
  • Use healthier food with less calorie, sugar and fat
  • On Thanksgiving day all tables are filled with your favorite items, before filling up your plate first decide what you really want to eat and do put only that portion of food which you can finish easily
  • Eat slowly, and chew properly so that your digestive system can easily digest up all food
  • Use less alcohol, because it contains many calories. Try to drink water in between taking alcohol so that your body can stay hydrated.

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